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Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard™ N95 Pouch Respirator, Regular Size, 20/Box

Price: $20.00
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Item Number: KCC 53899
Manufacturer: Kimberly-Clark
Manufacturer Part No: 53899

When looking for a respirator with the right balance of comfort, fit and breathability, look no further than the KleenGuard™ N95 Particulate Respirator: Pouch Style. This NIOSH-Approved N95 respirator is proudly made in the USA by Kimberly-Clark™ and is different by design. The horizontal flat-fold respirator provides more breathing room than traditional cup-shaped respirators allowing more space for warm air to dissipate. This unique style coupled with high performing filtration materials makes this respirator up to 31% more breathable than the leading competitive respirator style and up to 75% more breathable than the NIOSH minimum requirement (based on NIOSH testing of limited sample set). In addition, the KleenGuard™ Pouch Respirator features two blue headstraps that are made from a patented material that offers a unique combination of strength, softness and stretch. This respirator is made of lightweight materials and its folded design allows for easy storage and portability. In addition to the unique respirator design, the carton is designed to reclose after opening which protects the respirators when not in use.

  • Provides a minimum of 95% filtration efficiency of 0.3 micron particles.
  • Unique pouch design provides more space for warm breath to dissipate.
  • Adjustable nosepiece to customize fit.
  • Headstraps made of patented material that provides the right balance of softness, stretchiness, and strength.
  • May be used for healthcare settings in compliance with the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) issued on March 28, 2020 for as long as the EUA remains in effect.

This N95 respirator passes all relevant NIOSH testing protocols. However, please note that NIOSH approval protocols do not include specific tests for respiratory diseases.

PACK: 1 Box
FOB: 95037
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