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KN95 Disposable High-Efficiency Mask/Respirator (5/pkg)

MSRP: $12.00
Price: $7.00
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Item Number: KN95-5
Manufacturer Part No: LSK2020

KN95 mask with ear loops and nose clip. Made of 4-tier structure material. Designed for single use; care should be taken for multiple use. Consult with supervisor for proper usage and fit. Designed to protect against certain dust, pollen, droplets and other fine particles. Lightweight, comfort-fitting, and easy to use. Metal nose clip adjustment. Double-bagged to ensure masks stay clean. Follow package instructions for proper use and fitting. Executive Standard GB2626-2006. Made in China to KN95 standards. Do not confuse with similar USA made N95 masks. Not designed for medical use.  Each mask individually wrapped in master package of 5

Pack: 5 masks
Ships: FedEx/USPS
FOB: 95037

Please note: FDA doesn not give permission to use their logo for commercial use. FDA logo is for FDA use only.

CDC has reported that many Chinese-made KN95 masks do not meet the filtration requirements for medical use that N95 meet. Consult with your supervisor for proper use and fit of all masks.

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